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Labyrinth: A pattern on the ground made of stones, plants, walls, rope or other materials that has a single path to a central point. The labyrinth is a symbol of inner wholeness.

"To me
M.O.T.H.E.R.  E.A.R.T.H. stands for ~
Moving Obstacles To Heal Every Relationship
Energy Art Rebalances The Heart."
~ Paul Clark

The Energetic Perspective ~

The labyrinth symbolizes our own path of spiritual growth, climaxing at the central point of revelation and inner peace. Walking a labyrinth, with one path to the centre and back (unicursal), is a profound meditative experience. Labyrinths are spiritual tools that bring out our intuitive, pattern-seeking, symbolic self, rather than engaging our thinking mind.

Respected space
works on the principle of sympathetic vibration. Here's a very simple example that demonstrates how sympathetic vibration works: There are two guitars in a room. If a chord or a single string is played on one guitar, then the other guitar will begin to vibrate too. The same analogy can be applied to the interaction of symbolic art and the person viewing or interacting with it (in the case of a Labyrinth within it). By achieving a condition of coinciding rhythms, an exchange of information can take place.

The Physical Perspective ~

Synchronicity: Nothing is meaningless - everything is significant - nothing is independent - everything is related to something else.

These basic principles have important significance for the designer and also the owner of sacred, respected space. If one accepts that everything is significant and related to everything else, then it becomes very important to pay close atention to even the smallest detail. Everything within a particular design must be properly espressed in relation to the surrounding natural and design elements.

Building a respected space is an attempt to put as many compatible events and ideas together as possible and thus encourage the synchronous moment - the moment when everything seems to fit together. Energetically and physically.


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Paul Clark and one of his Labyrinth creations
Paul Clark and one of his Labyrinth creations
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